On Arrival in egypt

A notice stamped in passports on entry into Egypt says “registration within 7 days” but arrivals in Cairo should in fact be registered within 48 hours, either at the nearest police station or at the Mugama’a. Visitors need re-registration at each new city visited for for the sake of the tourists' safty. Hotels perform this service routinely, but visitors staying in private houses, must make other arrangements to be registered. Their hosts may be held responsible for failure to do so.
The visitor is permitted to enter the country with 250 grams of tobacco, or 50 cigars, one liter of alcohol and personal affects. Animals must have a veterinary certificate attesting to their good health and a valid rabies certificate.
Cairo International Airport is one of the few airports that has a duty free shop upon arrival and departure.
Persons traveling with expensive electronic equipment such as cameras, video cameras, or computers may be required to list these items in their passports to ensure that they will be exported upon departure.
Porter Service
Most international airports in Egypt are equipped with baggage trolleys available free of charge. There are also porters with larger trolleys to service individuals and groups.
Extension of Stay
Visas may be renewed at the Mugama’a. They are valid for 15 days after the expiration date, but if not renewed a letter of apology from your embassy must be presented to the Mugama’a or you will have to pay a small fine. You may extend your stay for over one month one week before the end of your visit, if required.
On Departure
Traveler are free to buy and export Egyptian goods. There are restrictions on certain items that are not permitted to leave the country. Under no circumstances are antiquities, either ancient Egyptian or Islamic, permitted to be exported. Nor are precious jewels, carpets, paintings or other works older than 100 years.
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