The Fascination with Ancient Egypt Continues...and Offers Unique Gift Ideas

The mystery and intrigue of ancient lands never ceases to amaze the curious with tales of King Tut, regal queens, the Great Pyramids, pioneering pharaohs, and the allure of gods, such as Anubis and Isis. This is the world of ancient Egypt and its popularity only continues to grow, as lines gather to take a peek at the King Tut Exhibition in London and wide-eyed children imagine what a real mummy looks like. As the holidays draw near, there are plenty of sweaters, ties, and bathrobes to consider, but only a few presents can provide a unique conversation piece like Egyptian replicas and related gifts.

Consider the Egyptian King's Throne (7.5" X 5.75") – hand painted with shades of gold and sky blue – highlighting clever animal detailing decorating the legs. The Egyptian Ceremonial Throne offers intricate decoration with vibrant shades of gold, black, and orange. To offer the presence of the "Boy King" into the home of a relative or friend, imagine the regality of the Large Egyptian Coffin of King Tut (measuring 16"), representing the infamous king who took to the throne at the age of 11.

While you may not own the glittering treasures of ancient Egyptian pharaohs, you can still hide away jewelry and any other keepsakes in a variety of elaborately decorated Egyptian vessels and boxes, which make perfect gifts for the holidays. The uniqueness of each piece transports you into the center of one of the most intriguing ancient cultures in history. The Eye of Horus vase is rather attractive, while the Egyptian Pharaoh selection is cleverly constructed. The Egyptian Round vase offers an explosion of blues and reds, while the Egyptian Cobra vase uses two snakes for handles. An Anubis-inspired flowerpot and Egyptian Scarab jewelry box also make great gifts for the holidays.

In the morning, imagine gazing into one of the three different kinds of mirrors offered at Home Furnishing Boutique, such as: the hand painted Egyptian Round Wall Mirror with images of fish; the Cobra Mirror (which stands upright on a tabletop base); and the highly decorative hand mirrors with ornamental handles and hand-painted exterior scenes that display King Tut's sarcophagus, Egyptian goddesses (such as Hathor), or other features of the Egyptian culture.

Pens and Letter Openers

To please the executive who needs a little flair added to his or her office, consider one of the eye-catching pens and/or letter openers with an Egyptian theme. You may choose from Anubis, King Tut, and Bastet (an appealing cat-like display) for pens that come in a pack of six. Letter openers display the same characters with the option of Nefertiti.

Decorating the Home – Egyptian Style

On the home front, elaborate clocks and coaster sets can breathe life into a drab coffee table. Add spice by presenting loved ones with an Egyptian Anubis Clock or a coaster set depicting King Tut, Maat, or a scarab. Perhaps, an ashtray will do, as there are a handful of selections to ponder, including items shaped like a pyramid or Egyptian scarab. Another option puts a pharaoh's face on display, while the Anubis Ashtray showcases the ancient god of the dead with the jackal head.

Candle lovers will find delight in the exotic themes of holders that exhibit an alluring kneeling Anubis, Egyptian cat, the regal King Taharga, or the elegant wingspan of the Princess Cleopatra Candleholder. Medium-sized statues may also decorate shelves and end tables, as a host of selections are available for the choosing. Ibis-Headed Thoth highlights the god with the bird-like head who is associated with magic, writing, and science. Serket is a vision of gold – the protector of poisons and snakebites. The winged display of Maat represents the law, morality, and justice.

There are also statues that present 8" obelisks in sand and dark brown colors; a large Egyptian sphinx; an Egyptian girl on a boat; and Isis with open wings. Other statues depict various gods and goddesses, including Ptah (god of craftsmen), Khons (watches over night travelers), and Hathor (the personification of the Milky Way).

As for placing a creative piece of furniture into the home of loved ones, an array of items encourages a unique and fascinating transformation of décor. Treat your father or grandfather like the king he is by delivering a life –size Egyptian King's Throne with exquisite detail. The Princess Sitamun Ceremony Throne is rather attractive with its black and gold color scheme. Tables also make great holiday gifts, as one may choose from a striking tea table, colorful Pharaoh Bar, and an assortment of glass-top selections, including sarcophagus and King Tut imagery. Among all these wonderful gift ideas, you will surely find one for everyone on your list.

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