Egyptian man climbs the pyramid of Khafre and fails to get off

Egyptian man failed to get out of the pyramid of Khafre 136.4 meters high, after climbing On Thursday for Photography.
Hassan Farouq Antar, from Daqahliyah governorate who had come to visit, decided for no apparent reason to scale the second tallest pyramid, built by Pharaoh Khafra (2558 B.C.-2532 B.C.
Succeeding in doing so, he found himself on top of the world. But looking down, he had no guts to descend.
One specialist in pyramid climbing was called to the scene to help Antar - whose name evokes the dauntless actions of a fearless Arab folklore hero, but the man excused himself saying the man above could make some sudden move endangering both lives.
A helicopter Friday afternoon succeeded to rescue Antar.
A relieved Antar was then questioned by police who failed to elicit a reason for his behavior.
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