Daily Life in Ancient Egypt

The Ancient Egyptians lived in a narrow strip of land along the Nile River (see picture) because the rest of the land in the region was desert. The Nile River, therefore, was a central part of everyday life in Ancient Egypt. They used it to water the land for farming and to take baths. While you're reading, see if you can find some of the other ways that the Ancient Egyptians used the Nile River.
Family Life
Family Life was very important to Ancient Egyptians. Most families had a husband, a wife, and children. Children were considered a great blessing to Egyptian families. Wealthier Egyptians had servants in their homes to help care for the children and to help with household duties. Pharaohs, or kings, had several wives.
Usually, the women worked in their homes, although there were some women who had jobs and even a few who became doctors. Young boys went to school to learn reading, writing, religion, and arithmetic. There were no schools for girls, but many learned to read and write at home.
There was very little wood in Egypt, so the Egyptians built their homes from bricks of sun-dried mud. These were called adobe homes. The houses would have several rooms and windows covered with curtains to keep out flies and dust. During the summers, many people slept on their roofs to keep cool. Egyptians had very little furniture - usually only small stools and jewelry boxes.
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