Dr. Farouk Al-Baz

Dr. Farouk al-Baz, originally an Egyptian to the core, is a world scientist who has contributed over four decades a great deal of scientific research that has changed our concepts and visions about the cosmos and the planets, the depths of the earth and the unlimited vistas of space.
Born in Egypt in 1938, Baz completed his education and obtained B.SC in chemistry and geology from Ein Shams university in 1958. In the same year, he left for the United States where he got M.S in geology, Mioussuri University.
Then he obtained his PH.D in economic geology in 1964 and gained honorary membership of several national and international societies as well as fellowships of the U.S geological societies, the American Union for the progress of sciences, the Explorers Club in New York, University Club of Boston and Cosmos Club in Washington.
Dr. Baz has complied more than 200 scientific research and wrote 12 books, mainly about the moon, Astronauts and Apollo space shuttles.
He is appointed a visiting professor in several American and Arab universities, supervising post-graduate studies and giving lectures in several technical institutes worldwide.
Farouk al-Baz lives with his American wife and four daughters in the United States. Currently, he is occupying the post of Director of the Space Research Institution at Boston University.
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