Cheap Discounted International Airfare - How to Get it Quickly

By B. Hopkins

Airfare discounts for college students and those that are on a limited budget are highly valued. The great news is that getting great deals on international travel is not some myth that you heard from your best friend's neighbor's aunt. You can find some great deals if you know where to look. The process of getting discounted international airfare is the same process as getting domestic airfare. Many online airfare aggregators will carry inventory for both domestic and international flights. Many of these flights go to major international cities and usually not to the out of the way and smaller cities.
So what is the best way to get cheap discounted international airfare? The best way to get it is to find last minute, on demand or 11th hour deals. When traveling last minute, you will need to make sure all of your documents are up to date, and if you require a visa, you should already have it before purchasing your last minute travel tickets.
Where do these last minute discounted deals come from?
The discounted airfares come from a number of different sources. They an come from unsold flights that would normally cost the operators money, and are usually available anywhere from the next day to 2 weeks ahead of time. The operators feel it is better to make some money than none at all, so it serves all parties' best interests to make these offers.
The best place to get these deals is through online airfare aggregators. Some of the most popular online aggregators include:
- Expedia
- Orbitz
- Travelocity
- Trip Advisor
These aggregators will offer the available flight seats and sometimes the prices can vary wildly between the sites. If you don't see a price or a schedule that you like, then go to the next aggregator site and see what kinds of prices they have for their available flights. There can be as much as a $300 difference in ticket costs.
The key in getting the absolute best deal is to be flexible in your travel arrangements. Sometimes taking a multi-leg trip can save you several hundred dollars over a direct flight. One thing that you want to make sure you do is when you have found a flight for the price and the schedule you want, purchase it right away. The inventory is so limited on these last minute deals that if you wait too long, it will be gone. Remember, there are many search engines looking through the same database of available flights as well so you could be competing with many other travelers for your desired flight.
It is relatively simple and quick to get cheap discounted international airfare if you know where to look online. There are many deals that offer round trip tickets at a great price when your schedule is very flexible on when you can leave. Knowing how can get even deeper discounts requires additional industry insider knowledge that is available through other online resources.
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