How to Travel For Less Information - Travel Agents Do Not Offer to Fly Cheapest

By Wendy Mitchell

Whether you are traveling alone or with a large family in tow, odds are you are on a quest to find the tips that can help you plan the cheapest trip possible without skimping on the amenities. Of course we all like to save money, but we do not want our frugalness to land us in a hotel that even the neighborhood rats would prefer not to visit. While your local travel agent claims to be able to provide you with the best deals that the airlines and resorts have to offer, there are a few tips that you can use to save even more money on your travel plans without the assistance of a travel agent.
Utilize discount travel sites to your advantage. Do not think you are too good to use these discount sites. If you are clipping coupons for your groceries, then odds are these discount travel sites will soon become your new best friend. With the choice of a variety of package deals as well as the ability to only purchase the parts of your trip that are the cheapest, these sites offer you a way to save money.
Take the time to shop around. With the wide range of discount travel sites available on the internet, do not assume that all these sites offer the same rates. Even if you have found one site that seems to offer the best rates, take the time to research their competitors because you may be shocked to find that one of its competitors offers a rate lower than the rate that you thought was the cheapest on the net.
Sign up for airline and resort email notifications. Many resorts or airlines reward the members of their email lists with travel discounts that are only available via email. Take the time to sign up for these emails and the discount codes that they provide can help you save even more on top of the already low rate you found at one of the discount sites.
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