Egypt Nile Cruises

By A. Mahallati

Just the words "Egypt Nile cruises" bring visions of exotic surroundings, gorgeous scenery and the mysterious sites and historic locations along the enormous river. Stretching far beyond Egypt, the Nile is still most strongly associated with its people and its agriculture, and one of the most popular activities for visitors to enjoy is one of the many remarkably scenic Egypt Nile Cruises.
Of course not everyone is aware of the "routes" followed by the cruise ships, felucca and other water craft. While most people assume they can hop aboard a boat of some sort in Cairo and then simply head upriver, the fact is that all cruises will either begin or end far south in Luxor. Today there are no cruises departing from Cairo due to the locks and ill-prepared marinas that currently exist along this lengthy section of the river. For now a visitor must board at the southernmost areas and head downriver or they can begin in Luxor and head south.
What kind of Egypt Nile cruises are available? There are an almost limitless range of styles and prices. There are "theme" cruises, such as the remarkably popular Victorian cruises, the Pharaonic cruises and the luxury cruises, among many more. There are cruises that range from three days to those requiring a two week period to complete, and there are those that offer guest speakers and on shore guides as well as onboard entertainment and lectures on Egyptian subjects.
Where do I find Egypt Nile cruises? The Internet is one of the most powerful tools for locating the perfect cruise or tour package. There are many companies that operate tours and there are also those that own their ships and provide "floating hotels" with all of the amenities required of a visitor staying on "dry land".
The best way to select the ideal Egypt Nile cruises is to examine the itineraries available. For example, a visitor with only a week in the country may want to begin their stay in Egypt with a lengthy visit to Cairo, which can then be followed by a short flight to Abu Simbel. Here many travelers board their Egypt Nile cruises and head downriver towards Luxor. At Luxor visitors will see the world famous Valley of the Kings - home to the tomb of Tutankhamun among many others, tour the historic Temple of Karnak and spend some time shopping in the city's popular markets.
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