Smart Budget Travel Ideas For Summer Holidays

By Goldie Jones

The summer holidays are fast approaching and chances are that you haven't been able to save up a lot of money for your travels this year. It's a tough time in the economy but that doesn't mean that you have to stay home all summer and sulk. There are several smart option for enjoy travel on a budget this summer.
Smart budget travel options for this year's summer holidays include:
• Work abroad. You can spend the summer doing a little bit of work in exchange for the opportunity to get away from home. Although many of the formal work abroad programs are probably filled up for the summer, you can apply to get regular jobs such as working as a nanny or tending bar. Your work will offset the cost of travel and you'll get the chance to see how people really live in the country that you're visiting.
• Volunteer vacations. If you can't find a job then perhaps you can volunteer your time. There are many organizations through which you can volunteer anywhere from a few days through the entire summer. In exchange, you'll get room and board and the opportunity to travel while helping others. Organic farms are one example of a place that you can do this type of volunteer traveling.
• House-sitting. If you can find a place to house sit for someone who is traveling elsewhere then all that you need to find money for is the cost of the ticket to get there. Check formal house-sitting programs and classified ads to find this type of opportunity.
• Visit family and friends. If you know people around the world who have a couch that you can crash on then you can enjoy some really affordable traveling this summer. Ask around to see who is going to be available and would like to have your company. You'd be surprised how many friends would be happy to take you with them to visit their families.
• Be a tourist in your own town. If you truly can't find a way to get away then pretend that you have by doing touristy things in your own area. Visit the museums, parks and landmarks that you never bother to see. Take lots of pictures. Invite people to come visit you.
Be smart about your travel this summer. Don't spend a lot of money at your destination and try one of the above methods for covering the cost of travel itself. Do that and you should have terrific holidays without digging yourself into debt.
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