Agriculture in Sinai

Apart from hunting and pasturing, agriculture is the traditional occupation of the mainstream population of Sinai. The total cultivated area in the peninsula measures around 175 thousand feddans (181.65 thousand acres). The main crops are fruits, vegetables and cereals. Livestock consists mainly of camel, cattle, goats and water buffalos.
Development in Sinai depends on water:
Rainfall: Is estimated at 90 to 235 million cubic meters/year
Subterranean water: 80 million cubic meters are available for use/year.
Natural wells: It allows the use of 3 - 80 cubic meters/hour.
Al-Salam Canal: It brings water from the Damietta Branch of the Nile, under the Suez Canal to the Sinai Peninsula and aims at cultivating 400 thousand feddans (.
Al-Defresoir reservoir: It aims at cultivating 77 thousand feddans (79.926 thousand acres) East of the Suez Canal.
250 thousand feddans (259.5 thousand acres) will be cultivated after projects at the Upper Nile regions are implemented.
There is also the National Sinai Development Project: It aims at cultivating an additional 65 thousand feddans (67.47 thousand acres). It also seeks to extend pasturing land over an area of 300 thousand feddans (311.4 thousand acres).
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