Egypt Tourism

Egypt has always been a popular destination of tourism worldwide. It is not only the pyramids that make this country a major tourism spot beside of this Egypt has numerous temples and monuments that are among the ancient remains of the great Egyptian civilization.
Tourism is vital for any country's progress and it covers many elements like transportation, accommodation and the hospitality industry of a country beside of its tourist attractions. Tourism in Egypt is the main stay and strong pillar of Egypt economy as tourism contribute about 25% of total country's income.Egypt home of one of the oldest civilizations of the world contain much more than just pyramids and temples. The Red Sea scuba diving, desert safaris, luxury hotels and five star restaurants, well known shopping destinations and many other similar attractions are the high point of Egypt tourism. More investment in tourism sector resulted in the establishment of wonderful Yacht marina resorts, hotel facilities and better transportation service.
Egypt tourism satisfies different ambition of tourists such as therapeutic, conferences, exhibitions, sports etc. One can also enjoy Nile cruisers and live abroad Red Sea boats as a part of Egypt tour. Beside these Egypt is also considered to be one of the richest therapeutic centers because of its abundance natural resources.
Cairo is the main center of transport facilities in Egypt and is well linked to all cities of Egypt. Egypt Air provides domestic services for getting around in Egypt. For water transport Suez Canal is the major way linking Mediterranean Sea and Red Sea.
Providing good quality accommodation facilities to tourist is one of the main features of tourism. Hotels in Egypt are located near the tourist attractions. Egypt hotels feature spacious guest rooms along with other leisure activities. Not only this five star hotels in Egypt also make arrangements for airport transfers and pick-ups as well tour packages for nearby attractions.
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