Sinai Development Projects

1- The North Sinai development project
The North Sinai Agricultural Development Project (NSADP) as proposed by the Egyptian Government envisages the reclamation of an estimated 400,000-feddan gross (415.2 thousand acres) of desert situated along the Mediterranean coast of Sinai. The project aims at increasing agricultural production through agricultural and stock development, improving income distribution, and generating employment through the settlement of smallholders and graduates from the over-populated rural areas of Egypt.
Al-Salam Canal
Al-Salam Canal is expected to add to Egypt's cultivable area 620,000 feddans (643.56 thousand acres). It extends 262 kilometers length-wise serving 220 thousand feddans (228.36 thousand acres) of reclaimed land west of the Canal (Phase I).
Meanwhile, a reservoir has been built underneath the Suez Canal carrying Nile water to Sinai to serve 400 thousand feddans (415.2 thousand acres) (Phase II). Investments channeled into the project until 2005/06 are estimated at EGP5.7 billion.
The area of land so far cultivated totals about 161.928 thousand feddans (161.928 thousand acres) west of the Canal and 273 thousand feddans (283.374 thousand acres) in Sinai.
Al-Salam Canal branch
It was designed to pass 160m3/S of Al-Salam Canal at the west bank of Suez Canal at a length of 770 m.
Al-Sheikh Gabir Canal and its branches
It is located on the extension of Al-Salam Canal on the west bank of Suez Canal. It aimed to irrigate 400.000 feddans, and the project is divided into 3 areas:
Fourth area (70.000 feddans) – Beir Al-Abd area (70.000 feddans) - Al-Ser and Al-Qwareer area (135.000 feddans)
Main water-lift stations
Some water-lift stations were carried out such as: 3 stations on Al-Salam Canal on the west bank of Suez Canal, Al-Salam 4 station on Al-Shiekh Gabir Al-Sabbah Canal, and two other main stations on the south of East Qantara Canal.
2- The Railroad Line
The railroad line's length reaches 225 km. from Ismailia/Al-Arish/Rafah and includes 13 stations.
6 stations were carried out which are: Al-Qantara East/Gilbana/Balooza/Romana/Negila/Beir Al-Abd.
The cost of this line reaches LE 320 million from Al-Ferdan to Beir Al-Abd at a length of 100 km as a first phase, and 7 stations of 125 km as a second phase.
3- Al-Ferdan Bridge (of the railroad)
Al-Ferdan Bridge is located on the north of Ismailia and is considered as the longest railroad in the world, as its length reaches 4 km.
4- Mubarak-Al-Salam Bridge
The bridge is located in the south of Al-Qantara East city at a length of 9 km, a wide of 20 m and a cost of LE 670 million.
5- The Sinai Gas Line Project
The gas line length reaches 193.5 km from the west bank of Suez Canal to Al-Sheikh Zweid at a cost of $ 192.5, and it was implemented at the end of 2000.
6- Electrical Link projects
The electrical lines were established to link Al-Qantara and Al-Arish (220 k), Al-Shat and Ras Al-Naqb (500 k), and the link was implemented on the united electricity network on 26/12/1998.
7- Fresh water projects
Some fresh water projects were established in the south of Sinai to provide fresh water for the population compounds and tourist resorts in Sinai. These projects cost LE 390 million and ended in 2004 in 7 stations of fresh water in Sharm el-Sheikh, Dahab, Nwaibaa, and Taba. The energy of these stations is 25.000 m3 daily, and cost LE 280.
A water line from Sharm el-Sheikh to the cities on Suez Canal was also established to cope with the tourist projects and urban developments in the south of Sinai.
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