Victory and development: Crossing into the future

The 1973 October War opened the door to peace. It was also instrumental in regaining occupied lands.
On March 26, 1979, a Peace Treaty was signed between Egypt and Israel which culminated in the libration of the whole of Sinai on April 25, 1982.
Although the shift in the economy's swing in Egypt began in 1974, it was 1982 which marked a watershed in the country's modern economy. A real confrontation of the problems of economic development had kicked off.
To have the dossier of war brought to a close triggered a rearrangement of national priorities, the goal of which changed from the liberation of land since the 1967 setback to rebuilding the society and improving the people's standard of living since 1982.
Within the framework of the national plan to rebuild Sinai which will continue till the year 2017, the link process was completed by establishing two bridges on the Suez Canal: the suspension bridge in the south of Qantara, and the moving bridge of Al-Ferdan for railroad, in addition to extending the railroad between Isamilia and Rafah at a length of 217 km.
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