Urban Development

As peace spreads its wings all over Sinai, a huge urban development project has been devised, the yields of which are expected to show over the years to come. A new urban map has been charted which seeks to draw in investments, generate new work opportunities and achieve integrated development.
New plans have been set for Arish, Beir al-Abd, and Rafah. The core of these plans rests on agricultural and tourist development along the north coast of the governorate, industrial development in the mid-section and transient trade services in the south.
A network of highways and roads has been established with a view to encouraging investments: the 135-km EGP80-million Ras al-Naqab-al-Qussayma road leading to Taba and the 26-km EGP35-million Ras al-Naqab-Taba road where 5 dams stand protecting against torrential rain.
Al-Ferdan Bridge When completed, the bridge will make it possible to cross over from the African continent at a point nearby Ismailia to the Asian continent at a point in Sinai in only three minutes.
Mubarak Peace Bridge The Mubarak Peace Bridge, near the Suez Canal town of Ismailia, complements a road tunnel joining mainland Egypt to Sinai, where Egypt is also building a major irrigation canal.
The four-lane bridge rises 70 meters (230 feet) above the Suez Canal, allowing shipping traffic to pass unhindered. The project includes a nearby rail bridge of the same height. The bridge was inaugurated On October 9, 2001.
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